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DRM-X 4.0 is a new generation DRM platform based-on Xvast browser. DRM-X 4.0 gives customers higher security level of protection, it's more stable and easier to use.It supports multiple platforms, Windows, Android, iOS and MacOS.

Haihaisoft DRM-X (digital rights management) is a flexible platform which provides the unique, cost-effective and highly secure on-demand DRM service. With DRM-X, you can easily protect, publish, and sell Audio/Video and documents. It provides you with the total control over the users who access your digital content and under what terms. DRM-X also enables you to increase revenue, brings your products and service to the market faster, and attracts much more customers.

DRM-X 3.0 is Haihaisoft's new cross platform DRM, you can securely distribute protected media and PDF content to PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad and Google Android. It makes possible to protect, deliver, and play individual, subscription, and promotional digital content on computers, portable devices, mobile that are connected to an Internet network. It offers the widest range of purchase and rental options for digital content, and ensures the security of premium content as it flows from device to device.

Content providers can easily encrypt Audio/Video, PDF documents and ePub ebooks with DRM-X 3.0 Protect Audio/Video and PDF Tool. DRM-X 3.0 Protect Audio/Video and PDF Tool is only 1.1 MB, it can be easily download and installed in Windows computer.
DRM-X 3.0 Protect Audio/Video and PDF Tool requires internet connection. To ensure your encryption is secure, you have to login to DRM-X 3.0 account to encrypt your files. DRM-X 3.0 Protect Audio/Video and PDF Tool reads your DRM-X 3.0 account's licenses profiles and rights information. You can select one license profile and easily encrypt multiple files. DRM-X 3.0 Protect Audio/Video and PDF Tool uses ActiveX control to encrypt files, your protected files output to your local computer. Encryption speed is very fast and secure. After you have encrypted the files, you have to upload the encrypted files to your own server to publish. Content providers need to backup the original files because DRM-X 3.0 protected files are permanently encrypted, they can not be decrypted or restored.

Haihaisoft DRM-X encrypts content and signs content with license key to maintain content protection, even if these files are widely distributed. HUPlayer (DRM-X 3.0's client software) or PDF Reader can detect if encrypted content has been corrupted and deny access to it. Each license is uniquely assigned to each computer. This prevents illegal distribution of digital files. Haihaisoft DRM-X also employs industry-standard tamper-resistance techniques to help protect the local DRM licenses.

Content providers. Such as:

  • Film and television studios, producers or online video content creators;
  • Content distributors such as Internet Service Providers, online video rental outlets, companies with a significant Internet multimedia presence such as sports and entertainment sites;
  • Enterprises who want to deliver video content and PDF documents securely to employees and partners.

Actually, DRM-X provides powerful protecting system for anyone who produces content or has rights to sell content, no matter it is just a small hobby of personal video content or a giant online media content or e-books enterprise. We set up different types of account according to the users' different requirements, so you can choose the account type which you need. It's one of the most powerful Digital Rights Management systems on the market - and it's for anyone to use!

Haihaisoft DRM-X contains a number of features that protect the content file and enables new flexible business models.

  • Security Architecture
  • Support different files formats
  • Cross Platform DRM
  • Mobile DRM
  • Flexible Rights Management
  • Powerful Online Control Panel
  • Various Business Models
  • Free and Powerful Client Software
  • Integrate with your website

In the past, owners of valuable content could not turn to a trusted and viable option for the licensing, distribution and sale of their digital or streaming products online. Content management systems were difficult to implement, did not interface with transaction processors and could not offer a licensing option that protected against piracy, so contents can be easily copied and distributed without any reduction in quality. As a result, media contents and eBooks are being widely distributed on the Internet today, through both authorized and unauthorized distribution channels. Piracy is a concern when security measures are not in place to protect content. Digital Rights Management enables content providers to protect their content and maintain control over distribution. Content providers can protect and manage their rights by creating licenses for each digital media file or PDF file. License registration procedures also give these companies important customer information. Such information helps content providers stay closer to their customers. Having a robust DRM system - Haihaisoft DRM-X ensures that a wide variety of the highest - quality audio and video content is made available to consumers.

You just need to register a DRM-X 3.0 or DRM-X 4.0 Account online. To ensure high security and stability, Haihaisoft recommends customers using DRM-X 4.0. It's simple and easy.

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